Rinko Kouguchi Series Vol. 2 - The Hometown of the Horniest Housewife poster
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Rinko Kouguchi Series Vol. 2 - The Hometown of the Horniest Housewife

"My dream is to be a pussy pet till the day I die!"

Meet Meko Iio, the heroine of Rinko Kouguchi Series Vol. 2!
She has a pussy so exceptionally pleasurable that it should be declared a national treasure!
This is a comedy about sexually training a cheeky loli!

Lewdy Kouguchi, despite his name, was a shy virgin who lucked into the ever-horny Rinko as his wife.
He was overwhelmed by her desire for sex at first, but he eventually came to accept her perversion,
and they enjoyed a happy sex life. (This is the story in Vol. 1)

Now, Rinko has decided to take Lewdy to her parent's house in her hometown.
He's greeted by her father, who is seemingly a dog, and his master, neighborhood girl Meko Iio.
It seems Meko has not come to terms with her masochist desires,
and Rinko wants Lewdy to help her realize those hidden desires.
And so he becomes a sexual trainer, hoping Meko too will learn the pleasures of a happy sex life...


Meko IIlo

The girl that lives next door to Rinko's parent's.
A hidden masochist who needs help realizing her dream is to be a masochist pet.

Rinko Kouguchi
The horniest woman in history.

Shimazo Nakada
Rinko's father. After a traffic accident, he was transferred into the body of Meko's pet dog,
and is being raised by her as such.

Lewdy Kouguchi
A former shy virgin who, thanks to Rinko, blossomed into a proper sadist and sexual trainer.

Artwork: Peretto
Scenario: Konosuke Hamaguri
Design work: Kouki Kamito
Sound Director: Muu Dogg
Virgin: Shimofuri

[Product Information]
Title: Rinko Kouguchi Series Vol. 2 - The Hometown of the Horniest Housewife
Genre: Masochist Girl Sexual Training Comedy
H Scene: 12 (12 illustration cuts)
Rating: R18
Compatible OSes: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

* Approx. 21 ejaculations worth of content as checked by main PRINCIPIA staff members.

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