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Updated 2021-09-22
Developer The Church of NTR


Remote Island Survivors


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概要 Overview

1 woman, 5 men on an uninhabited island!
No more cuckold situations.

It is a simulation RPG that aims to survive while surviving on a deserted island and escape.
Create a team of two people, each exploring the island to collect materials.

It is the role of the hero to decide the team.
It is also free to partner with whom the heroine.

When you leave the heroine and other men alone, the relationship with the man also develops......?
Can the heroine escape from an uninhabited island without incident?? 

ー Story
"It's fun, school trip"
The main characters went on a school trip on a boat trip.
It should be the last fun school trip of your life, but a ship gets into an accident on the way!

It was the main characters who tried to escape, but the main characters fell into the sea from a terrible thing.
Aina jumped into the sea at once to help the hero-when she realized, it was an uninhabited island.

Aina is delighted that the hero is alive, and to wait for help on a deserted island.
While exploring the island, he meets four men who have drifted along the same path.
There are five men to one woman.each of them seems to be interested in aina.……
Can the main characters escape the uninhabited island safely?――

ー H Scene

The H scene has a total of 37 scenes.
There are various scenes from virginity loss to pleasure fall.

The event scene is full voice.
There are over 2,000 lines.

Multi-ending scheme.
The ending is 8 patterns(including GAME OVER).

Recollection can be viewed in the game.


The heroine of this work.
In the ace of the swimming club, it is a popular person of the school chosen by the miss-con.
It is a cool personality that does not move in anything, but the expression is rich and flat and Frank.
She has a crush on her childhood friend, and she still has no love for him.
It tends to be seen as slender, but actually the chest is also big.

The main character of this work.
Although he has no physical strength, he has a wealth of knowledge and is seriously thinking about escaping an uninhabited island.
He has a special interest in his childhood friend Aina.

He is a close friend of the protagonist who has unrequited love to Aina.
She is very fond of Aina.

A man who loves sex.
Aya is involved with something after seeing Aina at first sight.

She is an adviser to the Sexual harassment and Sexual Harassment Department.
The teacher of the hated person who is rumored to have dabbled in many students with strong sexual desire.

The guide of the elderly who seems to be gentle.
She seems to care about aina......?


The heroine. A beautiful swim-team star who is usually cool and unflappable.
She is in love with her childhood friend (the protagonist), but has been unable to progress their relationship.
Despite her slender body, she has rather large breasts.

The protagonist. A smart and adaptable, though physically weak student.
He cherishes his childhood friend Aina.

The protagonist's best friend, who happens to love Aina.

A sex-loving playboy who has already decided that he will bed Aina.

The lecherous swim team advisor said to have sexually assaulted students on multiple occasions.

A kind old guide who seems to be looking out for Aina, but...?

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