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Updated 2021-08-11
Developer DelicacyDelicacy
Rip by mikocon


Reincarnated in a Compressed World


An RPG with a map that's been simplified to a tiny area,
so you'll never get lost!

Talk with NPCs populating the map, and receive certain special dialogue or items
depending on who is in your party.

Look for the heart icon for locations with H events. There's no missing them!
The difficulty and progression changes depends on your choices.


Your name is Satou Tomimatsu. After suddenly dying in an accident, you awaken to find yourself
in a tiny world that barely extends to the length of your view, with people and monsters alike all
squeezed in together.

You're unsure of what's going on, but you're about to become an adventurer,
and fight to save the world...

[H scenes]

13 base CG
92 CG total

Enjoy lots of H events during your journey, featuring your female companions!
Everything from masturbation, to interspecies, to lovey-dovey sex

View previously seen H scenes in the Gallery!

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