RALL・X 伝説の剣士、堕つ poster
Updated 2020-05-27
Developer ラル王国
Version 2014-03-10/1.5
Rip by mikocon

RALL・X 伝説の剣士、堕つ

※ It was updated to Ver1. 5.The content is the addition of the extra scenario
※ It is a minor bug fix.

※※※ Now version(ver1.5)of the file is
※※※ Since it is not a patch format, please unzip it to a different place from the previous version.

* The save data of the previous version is disabled.
※ Save data with full release of recollection etc. other than the bonus scenario
※ Because it is bundled in the"all cleared Seb data" folder
※ When you copy all the files of the contents to the savedata folder、
※ You can play from the state that opened the scene other than the bonus scenario.

Kuri ○ Mu Lemon Part 15・Super dimension○theory-La○II was set on the stage, it is a Ki○Ron adult specified sound novel.

-1024 * 768 size game.

- Only Caron has a full-length voice (CV-Yuri Ayase)

- H Number of scenes 13+2

- H Event CG number 17+4

- More than 400 diffs

- Rough story branch

 1.i was hypnotized by mario(rameau lou), and then by a slaver.……
 2.i was hypnotized by the boys.……
 3.lost in battle to the ogre, then to the imp……
 4.with rameau lou's tentacles.……
 5.they were seeded by frogs who came to help.……
 6.if you help me, i'll be deceived by the imp.……
 7.Additional bonus scenarios

- Capture target is only Caron"fallen" is the main.
- Les ○ pu netori from outside to outside is a sub-theme.

- Support included README.Please read txt







・キャロンのみ全編ボイスあり(CV・彩瀬 ゆり様)

・Hシーン数 13+2

・HイベントCG枚数 17+4






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