Punishment! Touching! Little Sis-chan poster
Updated 2020-09-21
Developer hopuhopu team
Rip by s-hentai

Punishment! Touching! Little Sis-chan

Half-Japanese girl Kunon Tsukushi Sunohara just moved into the neighborhood.
In her old hat and trainers, she follows around "big bro" like a loyal pet.
While playing footsies, her foot touches his crotch...

The sexually pure Kunon then starts to receive masturbation instruction,
electro-punishment, no-panty leg-raising punishment, cunnilingus, and more...
Finally, her breasts get some love too...

This game is all about feeling up the cute Kunon with just clicking and dragging.
Use the left mouse button for soft touching, and the right mouse button for a moving touch.
During sex, auto-move is activated.
All kinds of groping and feeling is possible, even during conversation!
Teach Kunon all about the pleasure of sex.


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