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Updated 2023-02-28
Developer DraconicSyntax
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Project: G.L.U.T.T. v0.7.0 alpha

On board an illegal research facility in deep space, Mia is one of many genetically modified experiments held against their will in the labratory's quest to create an apex life form and the ultimate bio weapon...

Break out of containment and show the station crew what a mistake it was to give you these newfound powers. Explore, sneak, fight, and find a way to break free of the facilty that has imprisoned you for so long, using your newfound superhuman appetite to consume all in your way. Beware though, as you are not alone - one wrong step just might lead you to become a meal for a meaner predator - there's always a bigger fish, after all...

Content warning: Lots of vore themes!

Welcome to Project: G.L.U.T.T., a 2D action-platforming metroidvania with elements of stealth and RPG's (in the form of skill trees), along with plenty of enemies to swallow whole and who will swallow you whole if you aren't careful! Onboard an illegal bioweapon research station, the Genetic Labs of Unique Trials and Testing seek to modify organisms in all kinds of creative ways. Mia is just one such experiment, testing the limits of human appetite...

is now live! Check it out if you're interested in play testing beta builds or feel like supporting the game and its development :D

for the most up-to-date info on updates and WIP shots!

Please comment your thoughts! I'd love to hear any feedback you have, and ESPECIALLY any bugs you find! I've worked pretty hard to make this about as bug free as possible, but especially with the number of mechanics I've added (detailed in the readme file) it's pretty difficult to test every possible iteration without an extra hundred hours of work, so I'm counting on you all to report any issues you find here! If/when you report any bugs here, please include steps to replicate the bug since I likely won't be able to figure it out if it's not something I can get to happen in my own game.

Current Features:

f/f same size/micro oral vore (player pred)
?/f feral/alien vore (player prey)
Object vore
Full sound effects/muisc/ambient audio
Up to 3 prey
Line-of-sight and sound detection stealth system (soon to be heavily improved)

Future Plans:

Full cinematic story experience
New characters and dialogue
Items and weapon upgrades
Edible/voracious companion
Many additional enemies (human/alien/mecha alike as both preds and prey)
4 prey + special states for eating boss type enemies
Micro vore (player pred)
Lots more abilities for skill trees
Full animation libraries for a dynamic and immersieve player look (2,000+ animation frames already exist for the player)
Stealth system overhaul
lots more levels and enemies
Literally over 40 pages of typed development notes/plans

Long(er) term plans:

Weight gain
Alternate male forms for enemies
Alternate player character skins
Macro vore (player prey)

Also - if anyone has/knows a good resources for voreish sound effects, I'd love to hear about it! Many of the sfx I have amassed unfortunately do not fit the game properly, so I've been working with a limited set of audio and would love to have more to work with, especially with all of the extra animations I plan on adding. Struggle and sloshing sound effects especially!

Additionally, if anyone is interested in helping with sprite work/animation for the game, shoot me a message with some examples of your work! This game needs a LOT of animation work done.


DraconicSyntax: Lead design/developmer, coding, player animations, fx/sfx

GreyKat: Sentry guard animations

Dullahan: Multiple tilesheets, many background assets

JumpingBananaBoat: Refined minimech sprites, redesigned health pickup

AbsoluteVL: Refining/polishing and color correcting the designs of both the original and new/upcoming Mia sprites

man: composer, sound editor

jeschke: Many of the vore related sounds

Dolly Fail Fail: Capture drone animations

Redfrog: Alien serpent animations

If I have forgotten anyone/you want to be credited under a different screenname/you want to be anonymous or removed from the credits/there are things I have forgotten to credit you for, please let me know as soon as possible!!
Also let me know if you would like me to link back any of your socials/art pages and etc here!!

Copyright 2020 DraconicSyntax

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