Prison Rescue Story poster
Updated 2020-11-27
Developer rabbitdash


Prison Rescue Story

The bandit protagonist's comrades are caught,
and thrown in the slammer!
He must save them!

Make scaffolds, blow up enemies, or use your head to avoid them.
Save the girls, and a lovey reward awaits you!

* This is part one of a larger story.

8 heroines
Approx. 180 CG total including variations
Approx. 120 pose art total including variations

* The trial version features a prison and character not featured in the full game.
Have a look!
Contains approx. 30 CG total including variations, and 7 pose art including variations.

* Copy your save data from the trial to see the bonus character in the full game!
There are plans to add such save data functionality to the next game as well!

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