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Updated 2021-01-28
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Princess Elicia

■ Basic information・system
Basic CG: 37 sheets(not including standing picture)
Total number of H scenes: 60 scenes(+mini H numerous)

Recollection mode available
You can see the event once seen in the recollection room.
It is possible to recall even before the H Event.

Cross-sectional view (switchable)

Message skip and backlog function available

Resolution 816x624
It is produced by RPG Maker MV.
※Please check the operation in the trial version.

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The Princess"Elicia"and the escort Knight"Alec"live in the King's Castle of the King's capital sphildia, and have lived a peaceful everyday life as fiance to each other.But one day, two people called out to the Queen to find out what was going on.Two people who decided to leave to save the royal capital was to begin to walk to the unknown Tower.

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Elicia la victoria
 She is the heroine of this work and the main character.Born as the only daughter of the Queen of the capital, she grew up as a princess and met Alec, who served as a knight when she reached adulthood.Although she is in the position of a princess, she is gentle and gentle to everyone, and is popular with the people of her country, regardless of age or age.He has a good sense of humor and a sense of humor, but he is not aware of it at all, and sometimes makes a man suffer from anxiety from the proximity of a sense of distance.She is not shy about sexual experience, and although Alec is the first male experience, she also serves herself in order to please her loved ones with a personality that she does not do.

Alec lakecraft
 He is hired as an escort Knight of Elicia's exclusive, and becomes intimate with Elicia and becomes a fiancé over the years.He is serious and responsible, and vows to protect Elicia by giving her everything she can.She is not the first woman to have been sexually harassed, and she is often confused by her aggressive attitude.

■ An example of the situation of the H Event
- Time with a fleeting and peaceful fiancé, gently pull out by hand
- Being asked for a body instead of cooperating, and being groped on the chest
- Even though the fiancee is in front of you, titty service under the desk
- Forced titty fuck in the corridor of the royal castle being falsified as a practice
- Without blow from breast-feeding to the child○of the tribe to be spoiled
- Common sense modified and went to the city in the nude, and the hand man climax uncannily
- While calling with the fiance in the magic stone, it is saddle in the back
- Vulgar sex like a lewd woman so as not to be Barre to the fiancee
- While wandering the streets of the night naked, sex is embraced
- Be fucked by a man left in a public toilet with a blindfold

■ Game content
You can act freely in the King's city of sfildia and the King's room as a base.Basically the story proceeds by the capture of the dungeon.There is no troublesome gimmick or use at all.

■H Event
H event occurs by talking to each man between, it will be released by the progress of the story and the rise of the lewd degree.There is also an event that happens when the heroine is wandering naked.

As a special H event, there are H events and masturbation that occur by celebrating the 5th day.This is also going to be released by the progress of the story and the rise of the lewd degree.

The ending is determined by the level of nympho, and the final ending branch has 3 patterns.

(1) happy ending (cuckold completely avoided)
(2) quasi-happy ending
(3) bad end (completely cuckold)

■Erotic system
- H event after the completion of the fall
If you talk to the H Event with each man and hero to the end, you can see the mini-H event of the fallen version of the same H event as in the past.

- Naked wandering-prostitution
When the degree of nympho becomes more than a certain, wandering in the naked becomes possible.In addition to changing the reaction around, anyone can invite to etch if a man, you can see the prostitution mini-H Event.

- Cross section
The H Event with the insertion can display a cross section, so the difference between the main character and the man is clearly depicted.It is possible to switch by option.

- Recollection room.
You can always recall the H Event you saw once.You can also start recollecting the story before the H Event.It is also possible to view only CG.

- H status
You can check the H status of the heroine at any time from the menu.The status changes as the H events are repeated several times.In addition, you can check the H status of each Inter man in the reminiscence room, this will also change.

- Track record system
From the menu, you can see a list of achievements.Most of it is a result of etch related, it is achievable by repeating etch many times with men.

■ Game system
- Roguelike system
I will go up the tower to capture the dungeon of the random terrain.The battle with the enemy is done automatically by touching the player.It is also possible to erase the enemy with skill without touching the enemy.

- Move in the dungeon
There is a resting place in the dungeon every 5 floors, and you can shortcut from the next time you reach it once.

- Action goals
During the event, the action goal is always displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, so you don't lose track of what to do.

- Easy mode
You can get the money that you can use early by selecting easy mode at the start.Please use it when you want to recover H events immediately.

Produced by: Orange Piece
Scenario: ipponyu
Text: single play
H text: single play
H-text cooperation(honorific abbreviations)
Nagisa Katakura in charge H text(Douglas, Berrett,Luco)

Kosciuszko H-text(budorf H1-H7))

If you have any problems・impressions, etc., please contact us by blog or e-mail.

メール:[email protected]


37 base CGs (not including pose art)
60 scenes (+mini H scenes)

Includes gallery mode, X-ray, message skip, backlog

Resolution: 816x624
Created using RPG Maker MV

Princess Elicia lives a peaceful live in the castle of Spherdia,
along with her fiance Sir Alec. But one day, they learned a shocking truth --
and to save the kingdom, they have to journey to a mysterious tower...

Elicia La Victoria
The mild-mannered princess of the kingdom, betrothed to Alec.
She's popular with the citizenry thanks to her kind personality.
However, she doesn't quite grasp just how excited men get when they see her beautiful body.
She has little sexual experience, but will do anything for the one she loves.

Alec Lakeraft
Elicia's personal guard. Over the course of his job, the two of them became more and more intimate.
Now they're engaged. He's earnest and responsible, and has pledged to protect Elicia with his life.
He too has little experience in bed, and is a bit bewildered by Elicia's proactive efforts.

[H Scene Situations]
Handjobs, titjobs, fingerbanging, vulgar cheating sex, rape, blindfolds, and more!

[Game Contents]
Conquer dungeons and advance the story using your room in the castle as a base.
There aren't any complicated gimmicks.

[H Scenes]
H scenes happen after speaking to men.
Advance the story and raise the lewdness meter for even more!

Also includes special H scenes and masturbation.

There are three endings depending on your lewdness level!

[H System]
Features H events that corrupt, prostitution and public nudity,
X-ray views, a gallery, erotic status checks, and achievements!

[Game System]
Roguelike gameplay that features dungeon exploration, objectives, and an easy mode!

Production: Orange Piece
Illustration: Yuu Ichimoto
Scenario: Yuu Ichimoto
Text: Yuu Ichimoto
H Text: Yuu Ichimoto
H Text Assistance: Nagisa Katakura

Kouji Heartfulboko

Please report any bugs:
E-mail: [email protected]

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