Play! Play! Play! GO! poster
Updated 2018-05-25
Developer Valkyria
Language jap

Play! Play! Play! GO!

Original title: プレイ!プレイ!プレイ!GO!

Shigeru Sato was born with dysfunctional eyes.He has felt as if he has been just "kept alive", making him moan in despair.
So he finally tries to kill himself... But he is saved for better or for worse.

When he wakes up from days of sleep, however, his eyes perceive the light and colors! His father's social and financial power presented him with transplanted eyes. Everything reflected in his eyes makes him very excited. When a nurse comes into his sight, Shigeru impulsively rapes her!

Having left nothing to look back behind, he becomes a rapist and sets out on an adventure around the country in search of women!

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