Pink Heart: Fight for Love ~The Thirsty Mushroom Empire~ poster
Updated 2020-05-09
Developer Kemuriya
Rip by mikocon

Rip by anime-sharing

Pink Heart: Fight for Love ~The Thirsty Mushroom Empire~

Pink Heart, the heroine of justice, has been defeated by an evil organization...
and once her humiliation at their hands is complete, she finds herself with a dick growing between her legs.
And soon she too is corrupted to the side of evil. And when she hears her enemies call out to her...

- Plenty of hardcore scenes as a transforming hero transforms into a corrupt whore!
- Includes a CG set, mini ADV game, and an audio work!
- Exciting updates to the Pink Heart universe!
- Hypnotism, corruption, brainwashing, and more!
- ADV game includes a gallery mode!

12 base CGs
8 pose arts
Text/textless variations
310 total CGs!

ADV game includes
12 event CGs
5 character animations + 4
136 variations + 77
8 post arts + 3
6 events + 11

Audio includes 6 tracks with an over 1 hour total playback!
Includes jacket illustration!

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