Pet Monitor poster
Updated 2021-04-12
Developer 933
Rip by mikocon

Pet Monitor

You will undertake a part-time job that you
monitor the human like pet under test.
The test period is 7 days only. 15 minutes per day.
Having conservation with her, performing mischief
to her... Please take care of her.

This game progress as you choose the action.
After you cleared the game, you can see and play the scenes you
have undergone through the game play in the "Collection Mode".

9 H pixel-based scenes (of which 4 have clothes variations) + extra / 4 endings
Not voiced / SFX attached / BGM only in the title screen

("15 minutes per day" refers to in-game time)

Created with WOLF RPG Editor

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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