Perverts vs Beautiful Transsexual Alice poster
Updated 2021-06-11
Developer Onna Kishi no Shiro

Perverts vs Beautiful Transsexual Alice

[Game Synopsis]

A boy taking part in drug trials for money turns into a beautiful girl after ingesting a transsexual transformation drug.
In a town filled with perverts, Alice must make her escape.
In various costumes, she will fight with perverts, and sometimes end up violated...

In this action RPG style game, you fight against monsters and perverts.
If you take too much damage, you get violated and eventually corrupted.

Search the town while enduring various shameful events, down enemies to save money and purchase items, costumes, and weapons, and finally make your escape!


Raped by thugs
Raped by tramps
Toyed with by a perverted older woman
Violated with a vibrator by a perverted gyal
Fisted by a perverted boy
Impregnated by slimes and tentacles

And more!
*All scenarios include before / after corruption variations.


Each costume is split into parts, so you can mix-and-match. For example, bunny ears and school uniform.


Windows 7(32 or 64 bit) or above recommended
Image resolution: 970 x 748

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