Perfect Service: The Guild That Does Anything for You poster
Updated 2021-03-13
Developer kurotozakka

Language eng
Language jap

Perfect Service: The Guild That Does Anything for You

This is an adult ADV centered on the concept:
"Pretty girls provide naughty services for no-good adults".
Control two unique heroines to perform quests and earn "reputation value".
Reputation value indicates to what extent the clients are satisfied.
The more it is naughty, the more reputation value they will get.

This ADV is not to fight with monsters but to explore around the town.
Functions such as minimaps and fast-travel are implemented for stress-free gameplay.
Please enjoy event scenes which come with both HCG and pixel animations!

Softcore femdom in most situations.
- Taking care of hospitalized old man as nurse
- Infantilization
- Supporting shut-in unemployed guy
- Teaching gynophobia virgin sex

[Product Info]
- 30 HCG (7 in the trial version)
- 28 pixel animations
- Genre: ADV
- Estimated playtime: 3 hours
- The save data can be transferred from the trial version to the retail version
- Includes a save data with all H scenes unlocked
- Resolution: 1024x576
- Development tool: WOLF RPG Editor

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