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Updated 2016-10-01
Developer CircleKAME

Language eng

Parallel Fantasy IF+


July 3, 2015
+ Version Up
Added scenario and items, system fix.
Save data for the previous version is not compatible with this version.
Please take note before upgrading.

This product depicts plump belly and netorare scenes. Please be warned.

Recommended for the following type of person:
- who has a dirty mind for place names like "Pleasant Slope"
- who ticks the "sexy teacher" box for favorite fetishes
- who enjoys the eroticism of clothed sex
- who can be excited about just topless or bottomless
- who enjoys prostitutes
- who enjoys the fantasy of moral corruption
- who holds a torch for Aty from S*mmon Night

The protagonist (name customizable) is a Scholar in an adventuring world who solves various problems while teaching at a school...

* It's possible to beat the game as a virgin.

* No game over! (Except some bad endings.)

* CG credit: Roudoc2 and Takami Nao of circle Open-Air Market.

* Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).

Parallel Fantasy IF+ screenshotParallel Fantasy IF+ screenshotParallel Fantasy IF+ screenshot

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