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Updated 2021-05-22
Developer uchu
Rip by mikocon

Panty Card

Mac & Android versions included

In the year 2000, a crack opened in the sky, causing monsters to spew forth into the world.
The Earth was luckily saved by winged people from another world wielding the legendary "Panty Cards".
As the crack was never closed, Panty Card was taught to the earthlings to help fend off the monsters.
Now, it's 2020, and Panty Card is a fun card game played all around the world,
and protagonist Santa has just transferred into a famous Panty Card school.

A simple stripping card game where you play cards on the field, and have them battle automatically.
Win, and opponent Yukino will start stripping.
As you advance through the game, you'll trigger various events, including H ones.

The game includes gacha, deck-building, and strengthening / evolution elements.

[H Elements]
2 H events with variations
3 pixel art girl card illustrations with evolution variations
10 rough girl illustrations
H voices included

[Update contents]
Add blue-haired "Juna" (2 H events with voice)

[Android Requirements]
Recommended phone with Antutu8 score of around 300000

* Confirm compatibility via the trial version.

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