Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom poster
Updated 2021-07-11
Developer dHR-ken
Rip by mikocon


Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom

■ A brave and bullish woman knight with blonde hair.Do not you want to embarrass such a female knight, humiliate, take away the escape place, hunt down, let it be conceived?


Dungeon---It is the remains of the Demon King era.Monsters spring infinitely from there, but at the same time in the dungeon"Treasure"also spring adventurers of the harvest thousand gold gather in the dungeon.And the city flourished mainly in the dungeon.

Ellen, knight of the Kingdom of Pais, was heading to the city of a certain dungeon"Sodom".
Recently, a"goblin" has come out from the depths of the dungeon, and it is said that residents have been damaged.There is a request of the investigation and subjugation to the kingdom knight Ellen was heading to the town as a starting squadron.In addition to Ellen, Lilia, the apprentice wizard, also refrains.

"I can see the city on the other side of that hill" ... Ellen and Lilia put a whip on their horse and were about to run down the hill at once.

(Initial problems that we are aware of)
- When you defeat the symbol encounter(small fish), sometimes the symbol does not disappear
- To change the area during the item drop directing by defeating the enemy.Next, when you return to the area, the drop directing is performed again.
- When poisoned in the belly, it does not appear in the graphics in the menu

- If you get pregnant during pregnancy, the later is given priority(it is a little unnatural, but I want to make it a specification)
 Example: When I got pregnant in a dungeon and was fucked in the city before giving birth and hit by pregnancy roulette.The child is given priority to pregnancy in the city.
- If Ellen and Lilia are raped alternately in a row and become pregnant, then the parents ' names do not enter correctly;

(Additional elements to be added)
- Recollection of battle erotic after clearing.
 ※ During adjustment so as not to become pregnant by recollection
- Get pregnant at the semen collection event.


In this RPG, cold, prideful knightess Ellen gets shamed, violated, and impregnated to her limit!


The dungeon; an ancient relic from the time of the Demon Lord.
However, countless treasures and monsters remain inside, awaiting brave adventurers.
Naturally, the nearby town flourished with the arrival of such fortune-seekers.
Knightess Ellen now heads to that town, upon receiving orders to investigate and put an end to goblins invading the countryside.
At her side is trusty yet unreliable wizard Lillia.
The town comes into view. Ellen and Lillia spur on their horses, unaware of what awaited them...

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