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Updated 2021-04-24
Developer Depths of the Old Forest
Rip by mikocon

Ouka Kenzan

After the war, the Eastern island nation's harbors opened up,
and soon after, a series of youkai incidents occur.
Ouka the swordswoman, spirit-slaying blade in hand, sets out to complete her mission...

A story of youkai extermination featuring a cool-headed and strong-willed female swordswoman.
Made with escalating ero in mind, both youkai and townspeople want a piece of Ouka.
Watch Ouka's expressions and reactions change over time, even during battle ero.

Viewing ero scenes and defeating certain enemies earns you Lewd Points,
which you can use to learn new skills, or strengthen your blade.
The level of ero proportionately affects the power of the strengthening.

- Symbol encounter style
- Text skip / backlog functionality included
- Gallery included
- Easy difficulty

30 base CG + 6 H pose art
1200+ CG total including pose art, variations, etc.
6 battle ero x 4 levels =24 total
30 mini events

The conditions for escalating ero in the trial version have been lessened,
so it is not recommended to transfer save data to the full version.

Made in RPG TKool VXACE.
Please install the correct RTP before playing:

Illustration: Denden Taiko ( )
Pixel art: RDN (@rdn_spiel)

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