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Updated 2022-09-22
Developer BABEL
Language original
Total size 171mb
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Offline and naughty level up

Original title: オフラインでエッチなレベル上げ

The main character who is a guild master in the net game.
It was rumored that it was Nekama in the guild, and the ending is consulted on character development by the female character "Micha" of "Nya".
It is taking place in the internet cafe, experience value * drop 2 times if you meet in real to get along with the award event、
Micha, who was rumored to be Nekama, was actually a beautiful girl.

"Eh, uh......Master......Kanya?」

The ending is "Nya" even in the real, a little pain cute Micha with cat ears.

Although it has been cold from the guild members, Micha is attracted to the gentle hero who always cared about such Micha.
Two people who are attracted to each other started a naughty level up online and offline.

■ The heroine is completely full voice
■ O ○ Nko, O ○ Nchin is a full-length secret voice of force without false characters!
■ Voice cut function, on-off of cut-in is also selectable!
■Cut-in display of the sectional view in the etch scene! You can also select on/off of cut-in!
■Screen resolution 1280*960, backlog, reminiscence mode, it is equipped with various functions such as CG mode






■エッチシーンで断面図のカットイン表示! カットインのオンオフも選択可!

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Game screenshots:
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