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Updated 2021-03-26
Developer Instant Flowlighter
Rip by s-hentai


Rip by mikocon

Obscurite Magie ~The Lusty Adventurer and the Royal Blood~

- Prostitution system
Fulfill a certain condition allows Rietta to sell herself for some extra money.

- Lewd Level System
As Rietta gets into more sexual encounters, her Lewd Level rises.
As it does, more H events can occur, and her reactions to mid-combat assaults' also change.

- Battle H
Lots of monsters are waiting to hit Rietta with H attacks.
If she's hit with an H attack while her clothes are ripped, the monsters will
violate her middle-battle...!

- Defeat H
Getting defeated by certain monsters or other enemies will trigger a defeat H scene.

- Escalating H
As Rietta's Lewd Level rises, the events that occur get even more perverse!

Difficulty Options, Full CG Unlock Feature
- Includes a mode for starting the game at a high level to eliminate all grinding!
- We've also included a full CG unlock feature for those that just want to skip ahead,
and enjoy the CG

- High Resolution
With a 1280x720 resolution, you can fully enjoy the high-quality CG!

- Multiple endings
Includes two branching routes:

Adventurer Route
- A story that emphasis the adventuring aspect of Rietta's story.
For those that want that virgin completion.

Granduge Route
A route involving an underground organization. In order to get closer to
the organization, Rietta must sell herself, have drugged sex, and more.
She might also get corrupted in the process...
After clearing this route, you can continue on to finish the Adventurer Route.

Opening Theme: "Face the Destiny"
Vocals: Rekka Katakiri
Lyrics / Composition:
Engineering: Kannami

Ending Theme: "Keep Moving Forward"
Vocals: Suzuka Amamiya
Lyrics / Composition:
Engineering: Kannami

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