Obscurite Magie ~ Corrupt Town of Luedidalia poster
Updated 2021-11-25
Developer Instant Flowlighter

Obscurite Magie ~ Corrupt Town of Luedidalia

Dagger-wielding Louise loses her family dagger to a thief, and hears that it ended up
in a town called Luedidalia, a place known for it's horrible treatment of women.
What more, she has received a request to deal with some tough bounties in town.

Along with her information dealer Kelly, can she deal with the bounties, and get back the dagger?

In this town of overflowing lust, madness awaits.

39 base CG
175 CG total
71 situations


- Lust system
Enjoy seeing Louise's changing reactions as she is sexually assaulted

- Battle ero
In the dungeon "Rusalka's Cavern", the monsters' attacks will rip Louise's clothes,
and assault Louise herself.
When her clothes are ripped, her pixel art and pose art will change as well!

- Defeat ero
Defeated H events are included for all the different bounties that stand in Louse's way

- Escalating ero
Ero events in town will occur based on Louise's lust level.

- Difficulty selection, CG unlocking
Includes high-level start mode.
A function is included for fully unlocking the CG without clearing the game.
- High resolution
1280x720 (HD) resolution.
Enjoy high image quality CG in the game!

- Fully original BGM

[Theme Song]
"Into The Darkness"
Vocals: Yuujo
Composition: 華風薫
Lyrics: 天原史郎, 華風薫


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