Nun and the Forest No Light Reaches ~Complete Version~ poster
Updated 2021-08-07
Developer nikukyu
Rip by mikocon

Nun and the Forest No Light Reaches ~Complete Version~

The current retail version is 1.00
Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the full version.

The village is in danger due to goblin and orc attacks.
The villagers come up with a plan to burn the breeding ground of the subhuman raiders to drive them away.

However, the church nun charged with overseeing the village opposed the plan.

"Everyone, let us instead deliver the Lord's blessing to the subhumans. The Lord does not condone such savage plans. We must speak to resolve our differences peacefully!"

And with that, she heads deep into the forest with only 1 protector...into the domain of the subhumans.

Genre: Can't resist Battlef*ck RPG
Gallery mode: Included (Full version)
Mid-battle H scenes: Included

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Gallery mode (scenes and CG)

This game was made using RPG Maker MV.

If bugs are found, the game may be updated at a later date.

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