NPC姦-3D- ~3Dマップを探索して、NPCを犯しまくろう!~ poster
Updated 2021-09-08
Developer Let's go! Ren Murasaki-Imo new

NPC姦-3D- ~3Dマップを探索して、NPCを犯しまくろう!~

1 H possible character added!!(Ver.1.01)
● Basic CG: 30 sheets → CG31 sheets
- H possible character:It became 27 body→28 body.
- The map is composed of 3D representation, you can explore the three-dimensional map.
- Recollection mode , CG mode , no battle , we have become no game clear.
- For troublesome people, we have bundled the full release save data that you can see the scene immediately.

● Prologue
i'm unemployed and neat.
Late at night, the masturbation of the daily routine is over、
When I tried to get into the futon, I lost consciousness like mud.
... when I woke up, it was an RPG world!!
Talking about the same thing repeatedly, no matter what I do, nonresistant, non-conscious NPCs.
My journey to commit NPC begins now!

● NPC breakdown
■ Mysterious Forest
- Guide fairy

■ Audience room
- the goddess who summoned me to another world.

■ Village of the beginning(Field:Northwest village)
- The mother who comes to wake her son in the morning
- The girl who is sunburned
- Adventurer woman who came to visit his brother's grave
- The older sister who is working on the farm
- the mayor's daughter ・
- The girl in the tool shop
- The innkeeper's daughter ・
- Sister of the church.

■ Castle town(field:central town)
- The woman who will tell you the name of the city
- A female priest who preaches the teachings of God in front of the people
- guild receptionist.
- An adventurer and a female martial artist
- a training instructor doing squats.
- The bunny girl in the bar.
- Girl of monster use の NEW

■ Castle (field:City of the center)
- princess.
- Prince's education maid
- emergency room nurse.
- A female soldier who eats delicious food

■ Den of the Goblin(Field:Dungeon of the southeast)
- the girl who came to subdue the goblins.
- Brave PT Female Wizard
- A swordsman who calls out to a dying soldier
- a woman who was handcuffed and asked for help.
- Elven female knight restrained by the wall
- intelligent slime girl.
- goblin's bag.

● Various precautions, etc.
- In the den of the goblin, to the woman who was humiliated by the goblins
 There is a description to chase.(There is a belly

- NPC Fucking Genre-specific, contains depictions that trample on the dignity of NPCs.

- There are no elaborate gimmicks or battles、
 I think that it is possible to collect the scene smoothly.

※ 1 It is produced in RPG Maker MV.
We have also included a split version that divided the map of the spread、
because the game consists of 3D maps、
Depending on the PC environment you are using, there is a possibility that clack or freeze etc. will occur.

※ 2 Please be sure to check whether the game works properly in the trial version before purchase.

※ Only 3 PCs (Windows) are supported.The operation in the smartphone and browser is not supported.

* 4 When the version is up, compatibility with past saved data may be lost due to the specifications of the Tsukur MV.
In that case, sorry to trouble you, but thank you for starting over from the beginning.


●H可能キャラクター:27体→28体 になりました。
・回想モード , CGモード , 戦闘なし , ゲームクリアなし となっております。











※1 RPGツクールMVで製作しています。


※3 PC(Windows)のみ対応しております。スマホやブラウザでの動作は対応しておりません。

※4 バージョンアップ時は、ツクールMVの仕様上、過去のセーブデータとの互換性が失われることがございます。

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