NodocchiFantasy ~Dungeon & H~ poster
Updated 2021-01-24
Developer ezopen


NodocchiFantasy ~Dungeon & H~

NodocchiFantasy~adventure of the country of four seasons~(RJ225480)will be an addition.
The picture used in the game will be the same thing.

A strange land that wandered into the middle of the journey.
In order to get out there, you must capture a mysterious dungeon that changes every time you enter.
But it's a very dangerous and naughty dungeon for girls to enter.…

A mysterious dungeon that changes shape every time you enter.
Change clothes and change jobs.
Let's face up to a strange and naughty dungeon by making full use of the ability.

~ Erotic~
When you meet naughty eyes in the dungeon, naughty animation occurs.
It is up to you whether you stand around well without meeting naughty eyes, or face up from the head.

~ About trial version~
Transfer of save data from the trial version to the full version is not recommended.
Please use it to work content and operation check.

Production tool RPG Maker MV ver.1.63


This is a bonus work from "Nodocchi Fantasy ~Adventure Across The Country of Seasons~ (RE225480)"
The illustrations used in this game are the same as those found in that game.

A girl suddenly gets lost in a mysterious H dungeon.
Dress-up job changes, traps, and lewd machinations await her.

The dungeon changes form every time you enter it.
Different outfits correspond to different job classes.
Use a variety of abilities to advance in the dungeon.

H animations occur when you get into trouble in the dungeon.
Perhaps you can advance without encountering any H problems...but that's up to you.

[Trial Version]
Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the full version.

Created in RPGTKool MV ver. 1.63

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