nice to meet you, belo chu. she'll be overwritten by common sense. poster
Updated 2021-05-03
Developer いわいじゅしい
Language original
Total size 117mb  
Rip by mikocon


nice to meet you, belo chu. she'll be overwritten by common sense.

Original title: 初めましての挨拶はベロチュウでいいんだよね ~常識上書きされる彼女~

it makes me think that any naughty thing is a normal act, and my precious girlfriend is toyed by my colleagues at work.
It is a cuckold game of brainwashing elements 

she's a toy.
She works as an AD for a TV station, a seemingly innocent protagonist.
She has always been hypnotized since she became a test bench in a rehearsal of a hypnotic program program
(Actually, the directors tried to play around with her.)
The hero who is the boyfriend noticed somehow that she is somehow funny, and he began to suspect cheating from a strong sense of incongruity at the time of SNS and calls from her.…

<the point of being cuckold and fainting in agony>
It is M attribute game with plenty of NTR elements as a cuckold boyfriend 
she was hypnotized by actors, colleagues, and staff in the tv station where she was at work
Call her in a hypnotic state to the conference room, such as "Hello hello is Belochu" and "It is natural to ○ ○"
It overwrites common sense and makes the sex act normal of course

But the hero doesn't know what a terrible thing she's been doing.
Their suspicious behavior when in contact with her relationships.
Some strange smartphone calls coming from her sometimes ....
The atmosphere that several people are around other than her and her sigh that leaks occasionally ....

It is a story in agony and agony of a cuckold boyfriend

in the second week, we'll answer each other.
Once you play the game and clear it, you can see the erotic act that had been done at the time of SNS and call from her as a second week bonus
It is a naughty thing in everyone while letting you contact with your boyfriend, she turns out the truth that was desperately cheating so as not to Barre
orgies, creampie parties, and…
I peep at her foolery that I had to know as a boyfriend






寝取られ彼氏の 悶々悶絶ストーリーです


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