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Updated 2021-06-20
Developer landcut
Rip by mikocon


Newlywed Elisa ~Torn Tranquility~

a simple synopsis

the main character, elisa, and her husband, will、
Soon after they got married, they moved to a certain town.
to pay off will's debt.、
It is because it was to work under a man named Giselle, a noble.

giselle saw elisa at first sight, and she liked it.、
He tries to get Will into a trap and tries to get Elizabeth out of the way.
And the peaceful daily life of Elisa is captured by Giselle....

This work, you can easily see the erotic event in the story of almost one road.
There is no combat.

To the destination"!"Since the mark is displayed, you can proceed crispy without getting lost.

Eroticism situation, in addition to NTR, there are also many elements such as shame and exposure.
Basically, there are many things that I hate being intimidated but can not be helped.

基本 Basic CG number 29 sheets + many differences
 Number of scenes 60 scenes + 1 scene (non-erotic) stage erotic event yes

〇 Standing picture erotic CG number 11 sheets + difference large number
 Standing picture erotic number 22 scenes or more, there is a standing picture erotic event with the majority of other man NPC

○ Cosplay costumes, etc. 7 types + α(there is a difference of 5 types in 3 stages, you can change clothes)Other, underwear and naked, etc.

ー "Change clothes" on the menu screen can be used from around the middle of the game
 (You can not"change clothes"in the trial version)
 Depending on the costume you are wearing, the conversation of the NPC will change, and a standing picture erotic event will occur.

膣内 Vaginal sectional view Can be turned ON/OFF on the menu screen

ま You can see from the introduction part of the recollection room erotic event to the post
 (All erotic events can be viewed in the game clear)

ー Save data
 Save data of the trial version, you can take over to the full version and play.

This work uses the script material of"Heputana Sukuraru Nana".

This work has been created in RPG Maker Vxace.
RTP is required to play.
You can download RTP at the following site.


This game uses script materials from "heptanas.scroll Nana":

Made in RPG TKool VXAce
RTP (free) is required.

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