NejicomiSimulator Vol.3: Loli Takes a 60cm Dildo poster
Updated 2021-03-30
Developer yabukaradoo
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

NejicomiSimulator Vol.3: Loli Takes a 60cm Dildo

A simulation game where you can have your way with a loli with short hair!
Jam in a huge dildo and cover her in cream -- all animated in super-smooth Live2D!

Your little toy reacts in real time! Her expressions change with such precision... it's like she's real!
If it seems a little pricey, check out the demo version to get a real taste!

We've mastered the art of animated expansion, and even though its fantasy it's as real as it can be!

All the usual suspects are accounted for -- ball gags, blindfolds, piercings, etc...
but you can also change the vibration on the dildo, write on her body,
increase the size of both clit and tit, and just generally customize her however you see fit!

There are lots of modification options, too -- from futanari-fication,
to shrinking all the way to full-on state changes like turning her into chocolate!

We worked hard to make sure all the voice work matched up with the action, so there's plenty to enjoy!

Click and drag to control...
Dildo penetration
Body torsion
Line of sight
Breast stretching
Clit stretching (or futa cock stroking)
Face direction
Arm position
Tongue pulling
Piss and bukkake positioning

It's fun to click and drag, but why not take things a step further?

You can choose multiple angles of recording! Put one on the dildo, another watching her face,
and maybe another on her tits... or whatever you want! Your original animation is yours to make!

[About the Trial Version]
You can verify your system compatibility via the trial version.
The specs are higher than last time, so make sure to check!
Sometimes running on Android will cause an insufficient memory error.
Save data can be transferred between this and the full version.

[About the Android Version]
Bukkake and futa cum are not available due to technological constraints.

[Login Bonuses]
Login every day to get new gems with Twitter!
If you don't have Twitter, items and other features will be unlocked after 3 and 15 days.
Make sure to log in every day!

[Orgasm Bonus]
Make her cum ten times in a day to get bonus gems! Besides, you want to keep her satisfied, right?

[Twitter Link]
Upload your animations to Twitter and you'll get bonus gems for each like and retweet!

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