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Updated 2020-12-19
Developer PinkPeach


Version 1.06

~necromancy~ Emily's Escape

The necromancer employs forbidden spells and plays with lives.
She conducts terrifying experiments hiding in the forest.

It is rumored that she was once a Holy Lady of the church
but murdered numerous people and disappeared with their corpses.

A certain group of rookie adventurers is on a mission to get and provide
information about the hidden necromancer. While Emily and her comrades
investigate around the forest, she is separated from them when confronted by an enemy.
Losing herself in the forest, she tries to find an escape looking for the comrades.

Take cover! Otherwise, you would be chased and caught!
When you link up with comrades, it's a chance to counterattack.
CG and H actions are all animated.

* Controls
A key and D key / Left and Right arrow keys: Move
Space: Jump
Hold S key / Down arrow key: Crouch
Hold Shift key: Run
Hold Q key: Recover, Make plants grow
E key: Investigate
Escape key: In-game Menu
F key: Assassinate

* Others
CV: Hiyori Misaki

Materials Used
Voice Materials: Tiger Lily (Ryou Suzuki)

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has transferred to the game developer. Please note that beyond this date,
any text added in updates may not be an Official DLsite Translation.

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