NATURALCORDE ~Stained with Lust, I Become My True Self~ poster
Updated 2021-01-01
Developer KI-SofTWarE


NATURALCORDE ~Stained with Lust, I Become My True Self~

2020's not all bad -- introducing an all new NTR game at a great price!

KI-SofTWarE's new brand, "Platina Light", is pleased to present its very first NTR adventure!
It's a short and simple nukige that utilizes the EXperientiaL CG VieW system.

What's more, a new brand means the scenarios and H scenes are even more pumped up than before!

When a younger guy meets aa serious but kind girl virgin, she's sure to get corrupted by his shota charms!
At home, at school, outside, and more! There are tons of situations and outfits to enjoy, as well.
Eventually, spending every day mired in the pleasures of the flesh starts to change her...

Complete the main game to unlock "After Hard Mode" and witness the heroine at her sluttiest!

"Big sis, no matter what, I'm going to make you mine and mine alone..."

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