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Updated 2017-04-01
Developer D.O.
Language jap
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Nanairo*Clip ~Saigo no Stage~

Original title: なないろ*クリップ ~最後のステージ~

The remote island of Hoshimiga is located far south of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. It was rich with nature, being protected by the sacred tree, but it was now threatened by redevelopment. To protect the sacred tree and the island, they have to gather 5000 visitors for the sacred tree festival. It was a seemingly impossible task, but Shinji and his osananajimi Hiromi had a plan: they would become idols and attract visitors to the island. Their radiance would brighten their surroundings, while their feelings would spread across the world. With the goal of protecting what meant the most to them, their summer of passion begins now.

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