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Updated 2021-01-28
Developer Magical Girl Club


Naive Lily


A beautiful combination of loli and impressive animaton!
Take control of protagonist Lily, explore dungeons, and wander about town in this RPG!

Use magic to defeat the monsters, and advance deeper into the dungeons!
Lots of sexual deviancy awaits the naive Lily...!


Lily was raised by two magician parents,
but again they are send off on a large quest of national interest,
she is left to her own devices when it comes to fending off the monsters attacking the town.

One day, she was heading towards a dungeon as usual when she discovered
a mysterious monster...and she got pulled into a world of pleasure.

What is her fate...?

[H Scenes]

Featuring lots of H scenes where a pure and naive loli learns
all about sexual pleasure, and comes to desire it of her own volition...

Villagers, monsters, orgies, and more ecchi play await!

* Contains rape scenes, but mostly contains "awakening to pleasure" themes.


Pose art and event illustrations are animated to enhance the eroticism!

[Full Voice]

The heroine's dialogue is fully voiced.
Enjoy the super loli voice of Riia Narimori!


A pure and naive girl raised in a village by her magician parents,
who are now on a large quest abroad.
Strong-willed, with a desire to do it all alone.

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