My Little Sister used a Hypno-App poster
Updated 2021-04-25
Developer BABEL
Rip by mikocon

My Little Sister used a Hypno-App

Akina is your little sister. She's cute, but a bit... prickly.
We were talking about a popular hypnosis app, and I made fun of her for believing in it.
So she hypnotized me.

Or so she thought. I was just going along with it for a laugh.

But what's this? While I'm "under", she's being super nice to me!
She actually likes me a lot...?
And that's not all... things start to escalate. But I'm in too deep to back out now!

-Fully-voiced heroine!
-No bleeps, just full-on dirty talking!
-Voice cut function, plus cut-ins you can toggle!
-Also features X-ray cut-ins you can toggle!
-1024x768 resolution, gallery modes, and more!

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