Monster Buster G - TIARA FRONTIER - poster
Updated 2021-06-08
Developer Nuruhachi Pon Pon
Rip by mikocon


Monster Buster G - TIARA FRONTIER -

[Game (RPG)]
A hunting RPG about defeating monsters in order to raise your Guild status,
which unlocks new stages and monsters for your to fight.

Find a way to overcome traps and stage gimmicks,
or you'll face monster violation and lowered vitality.

Rape scenes are animated, and have camera work!


After living through hell, it seems Tiara's story was set to end.
But it was not to be; she must live on...
And to live on, she needs money.
And so it was her experience made her suited to the hunting life of a "Monster Buster"...

[H Scenes]

H scenes are mainly themed on monster rape (tentacles, mushrooms, giant turtles, etc.)
Pose art and event illustrations are all animated!
CG Mode is unlocked upon completion!
Playable with one hand!


- Tiara
The heroine of pinkbanana-soft's "Tiara * Phantasia".
Despite facing endless trials and tribulations worse than death, she lives on.

[Tiara Fantasia]

Permission to use the Tiara character was received from "Tiara * Phantasia" developer pinkbanana-soft.
This game can be enjoyed without playing the original, however, you can find that game here:

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