Monica's Tale of Revenge poster
Updated 2020-07-23
Developer Yuki Mango
Rip by mikocon

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Monica's Tale of Revenge

The protagonist Monica was set to be married to her childhood friend.
The whole village was celebrating the fact this feisty girl was ready to settle down into married life.
At the wedding, the two are just about to say their vows, when...
At that moment, the soldiers arrived, and started killing villagers indiscriminately.
Monica sees her fiance murdered before her eyes as she herself gets gangbanged...

A roleplaying game about the heroine Monica getting her sweet revenge.
Gather information, find out what soldiers attacked you, and dish out justice.
What lies at the end of the road of revenge...?

Each scene contains various animations.
Penetration, post-penetration, intense, slow, etc.
Tons of work has been poured into making the animations a stand-out feature.

[H Contents]
- Gangbang, interspecies, rape, breastfuck, etc.
- The strong-willed heroine getting raped intensely.
- To gather information, she must perform sexual favors.
- Tons of erotic animation variations to keep things exciting

Name: Monica
Personality: Prideful, spirited, aggressive, with a masculine way of speaking.

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