Moaning Wives English Ver. poster
Updated 2021-02-23
Developer Hai kai hai
Rip by s-hentai

Moaning Wives English Ver.

13 Basic CGs
There is a gallery room in the hotel.
A no-battle, event-collecting RPG.

■ Story

This is...
This is a world full of wives...
If you like wives...
You will like this world too...
As long as you boldly invite wives,
Maybe they will...
What will happen?

■ Sexual Events

☆The wife getting water from the well
☆The wife waiting for her husband outside the Adventurer’s Guild
☆The wife praying to the goddess for her husband on the adventure
☆The old mayor’s young wife
☆The wife waiting for her husband to wake up
13 wives in total!

■ Control

↑↓←→ - Move
X - Cancel
SHIFT - Dash
ALT - Hide text
Page Down - Fast-forward text


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