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Updated 2021-02-07
Developer MAXAL
Rip by s-hentai


Rip by mikocon

Miss Hisaki and I Her Butler ~Spit Teasing Smell Fetish Edition 3~

M situation visual novel that will be blamed by the young lady of the big mansion!
I want to be blamed by H from a girl!It is a work of recommendation to those who have a desire.

■Story ■
"Hisahime lady and butler i ~ saliva blame smell fetish hen 3 ~" is
It is a story after the ending of the main story"Hisahime Ojo Sama and Butler me".
Because it is a read-only format for each 1 story, you can enjoy only this work、
If you have ever played the main story"Hisahime Ojisama and Butler Me"
It is a content that you can enjoy more.

■System ■
Visual novel with no choice.
You can enjoy it casually because it is the story of H scene main.
"Saliva blame smell fetish hen 3"is a large number of basic CG3 sheets+difference、
And, it has become a luxurious specification than the main part.

■Situation ■
- Size fetish
- The young lady who became a giant in a dream is played with the tongue in the mouth
- spit on your face.
- Forced masturbation with saliva in hand

■ Bonus■
Rough, line drawing and finished illustrations of CG used in the game
Each record in a large size at the time of production!

■With voice♪ ■
Heroine and sub heroine are full voice!
Please enjoy with the voice by all means S ~ S plenty of serif♪

For more details, please visit the Circle website!



A masochist oriented VN about a rich mistress and her submissive servant!
Great for lovers of spit-teasing, forced masturbation, size fetish, etc.

* About Story *
This work takes place after the ending of "Miss Hisaki and I Her Butler".
Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.

* System *
A visual novel without story branches.

3 base CGs + many variations

* Situations *
- Size fetish
- Tongue-teased in a dream by a giantess Miss Hisaki
- Spit on face
- Forced masturbation after getting his hands spit on

* Bonus Content *
Rough sketches, line art and complete illustrations included in the original size!

* Voiced! *
The heroine and sub heroines are fully voiced!
Enjoy their sadistic sayings!

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