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Updated 2016-12-14
Developer Ebisen Works
Language eng

Minerva's Adventure - Slave One -

* Final product may differ from screenshots and demos.

Latest version
- Ver1.15

Take control of "Minerva" and explore the troubled land of Pastor,
currently ruled by the great demon "Fatigor" who is driving away the people.

In order to face Fatigor, you will need to collect the 6 crystals
scattered throughout the dungeons of Pastor.
Each dungeon you clear is a small victory for the land, returning its people.

- Complete over 30 quests incl. subquests
- Fall victim to monsters, sometimes with just a touch
- Discover 40 event "spots" (many with human partners)
- Enjoy 30 varieties of seamless motion in the pose art

Choose normal or easy mode to suit your level.
Choose weapons that let you play your way.
Compatible with a keyboard, mouse or gamepad.
Track quest objectives easily from the menu.
Fast travel to areas to save time and maximize progress.

Monster encounters, total gold, quests done, spots discovered
and more stats are conveniently logged on the road to 100% completion.

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* You can download English translation patch(WIP) from

Art credit: Ekuran

Minerva's Adventure - Slave One - screenshotMinerva's Adventure - Slave One - screenshotMinerva's Adventure - Slave One - screenshot

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