Midori In a Pinch!! ~Pixel Art Uncharted Territory~ poster
Updated 2021-07-19
Developer pinkgold
Rip by mikocon

Midori In a Pinch!! ~Pixel Art Uncharted Territory~

In early summer, when Green's hair grew to the waist, the incident happened!!
Can you survive the erotic attack of the enemy and escape the school?!
Undercover girl's outing!

It is a retro dot picture(wind)action game.
When you touch the enemy, it becomes erotic animation immediately!
All 12 stages, erotic animation for each enemy character!
Gallery installed!
Erotic animation is 13 scenes
x Clothing difference 3 types in all 39 patterns
Other images Opening, ending, stage clear x12 All 14 photos
infinite continuation!

Almost gamepad recommended!


The incident occurred the summer Midori's hair reached her waist.
Can she survive the enemy's ero assaults, and escape the school?
An undercover girl in uncharted territory!

A retro pixel-art (style) action game.
Touching enemies results into instant ero animations!
There are 12 stages, with ero animations with each enemy character!

Gallery included.
13 ero animation scenes x 3 clothing variations = 39 total
14 illustrations including opening, ending, and stage clear images (x12)

Unlimited continues!
We recommend playing this game with a gamepad.

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