Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade poster
Updated 2018-12-24
Developer ONEONE1
Version 1.10


Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade

[Official Website] (Japanese language)

[Genre] A Multi Ending Adult Only RPG

10 Endings
121 base CG (63 CG + 58 battle animations)
55+ Erotic Scenes
60+ SEX-able NPCs

Battle: Side View Animated Battle
Self Destruction: Implemented (unlocked after clearing the game)
Clothing Removal: Implemented (possible after a certain event)
Voice ON / OFF Toggle: Implemented
Virgin Play: Can play through the entire game as a virgin.
Cross-section cuts ON / OFF Toggle: Implemented

Flow chart showing how to complete the game (if needed)
* Contains spoilers so be careful before looking!!

* A great variation of H Scenes.
The usual violation that occurs upon being defeated...
reluctantly following orders, exhibitionist play on your own accord,
lesbian play, being night prowled when staying at the inn,
united with your beloved, etc etc. There are many scenes to enjoy!

Not only the protagonist but all female characters with pose art
have erotic scenes for you to use as you please! ;)

* Special focus placed on the H system and situations
- Erotic Parameters
(like lewdness, mouth / p*ssy / anal experience and sensuality)
- Erotic Situations will change based on the above parameters!
- Erotic conversations with NPCs! Not only sexual harassment
but erotic acts, prostitution, drugged up f*ckfests and more!
- There are many possible opponents and patterns that can take
place for the protagonists first time sexual experience.
Will it be consensual? Violation? Human? A monster?
Her beloved? Or perhaps... even her very own hand...?
(The choice is yours, the power is in your fingertips.)

* Pregnancy and birthing situations
As the story proceeds, the protagonist can become pregnant.
In battle erotic attacks can cause this. Depending on her parameters
and what time of the month, the probability of insemination changes.
(There are items and equipment that can prevent this.)

After giving birth, the protagonist will be capable of lactating
and selling her own milk in the slums in exchange for money.

* 3 different routes and 10 different endings!
Normal (Pure Love) Route: Stay a virgin and be united with your beloved.
Branch School (Prostitution) Route: Do as you are ordered, slut.
Corruption Route: Upon becoming evil, you can kill NPCs as you please.

* Battles are 1vs1 style (even if there are shown multiple opponents)
* Battles are symbol encounters (no random battles when you don't want them)
* This "Automatic Defeat System" is back (on popular demand!)
* Easy to play system with...
erotic scene reminiscence, CG gallery, H animation playback,
message skip, voice ON / OFF toggle, BGM / SE / ME volume adjustment,
text message log, auto text mode, window obscuring, difficulty adjustment,
already witnessed scene skipping, H animation in battle ON / OFF toggle,
H animation speed adjustment, cross-section cuts ON / OFF toggle
User Friendly Features IMPLEMENTED!

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
* Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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