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Updated 2021-12-28
Developer Mijiishi


Mercenary Band NTR

NTR (cuckold, cuckold, cuckold) The main character of the hobby
It is an RPG to do NTR with friends of the mercenary group.It is mainly cuckold.

It is a medieval fantasy world of a certain sword and magic.
The hero who is a mercenary is saved by a certain imma, and becomes a mercenary group leader and sex shop manager.
it seems that the imma's purpose was to see ntr、
The main character will do NTR life with the members in order to repay the favor.

■ System
This game will progress week by week.the flow of the week
"Day → night → Dispatch quest" or "Day → main quest" or "day → night"
We will proceed in the form of saying.

- Main Quest
It is a quest to do with the main character.You can see the ending as you progress.
You need "fame" to advance the main quest.
You can increase "fame" by completing dispatch quests.

-Dispatch Quest
It is a quest to do by dispatching members other than the hero.Fame will rise.
You will fight mainly in dungeons.
Events can occur with certain character combinations.

Erotic events occur during the day, night, and time lapse in addition to the main quest and dispatch quest.
There is also an event that occurs when favorability and compatibility degree and lewd degree rise.

-About sexual information
When a female member performs an erotic event, the sexual information changes.
There are various sexual information in addition to favorability degree and compatibility degree and nasty degree.
Favorability → Connection of the heart
Compatibility → Body connection

This game is made using RPG Maker MV.
Please check the operation in the trial version before purchase.

■ About trial version
In the trial version, you can play the story of the beginning.
It is possible to transfer the saved data to the product version.


Presenting an RPG about a protagonist that loves all forms of cuckoldry involving his mercenary squad mates!

Made in RPG TKool MV.

Save data from the trial version can be transferred to the full version.

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