Medal Dropping, Girl Feeling Game poster
Updated 2020-05-17
Developer Toiutei
Rip by mikocon

Rip by anime-sharing

Medal Dropping, Girl Feeling Game

A medal game combined with a touching game!

One one side of the screen is the medal game, and the other,
the woman you'll be feeling up with click and drag mouse controls.
Clear stages and gather up medals to unlock items and clothing options.
Raise a characters affection enough, and you'll unlock the free touching mode for them.

Contains 5 stages, complete with gimmicks to gather medals.
No game overs or medals required to play.

1 interactive animation + 29 costume variations
1 interactive animation standing pose + 8 costume variations
17 background variations
6 scenario parts

For Windows only.
1280x720 video resolution
Full-screen / windowed mode included
Auto-save functionality

Playtime: Approx 2~2.5 hours

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