Masked Chairperson Sex poster
Updated 2021-12-01
Developer Suzuya

Masked Chairperson Sex

Caroline had escaped on the verge of being modified by an orc
into a seedbed, but as a result of the procedure had come out
a hundred million times more sensitive than the average human
as well as amazing powers!

Unmotivated to seek revenge, Caroline merely
spends her days attending school.

What kind of game is this?
This game follows the main story with intermittent exploration parts,
where you can enjoy erotic cut scenes.
There are also very simple battles.

How erotic?
Caroline is a closet pervert.
She puts up very little resistance before
indulging in many different things, including:
- Monsters (doing and being don)
- Erotic part-time at a bar
- Getting hit on by a flashy man at the casino
- Getting turned on by her own skimpily dressed reflection in the dressing room
- Nude painting in the middle of town
- Orgy in the pub

This serious-looking chairperson is very sexy.

39 base CG images
Created using RPG TKOOL MV
Please test compatibility using the trial version first.

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