Martial Arts Girl's Sex Training ~Transformation to a Busty Sex Slave~ poster
Updated 2021-02-10
Developer Vitamin CCC
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Martial Arts Girl's Sex Training ~Transformation to a Busty Sex Slave~

[Training game】

As a trainer of the organization, you train the woman of the captured fighter(Xiao Fan).
If you can train a woman as a sex slave's product, it will be your victory.

Of course, the captured woman does not win.
either you die, or you fall as a sex slave.…
You please train a strong woman as much as you want.

There are 3 types of ending.
The result will change depending on your training.

Woman (Xiao Fan) animation.
While enjoying the milk shaking and voluptuous animation, 甚 まり, stimulate the erogenous zone, you can train.
There is also a voice, so the immersive feeling is also outstanding!

All can be operated with the mouse.
In addition, the product version also equipped with tricks.


In a small village deep in the mountains, a human trafficking organization caught its eye.
Shao Fan, a fighter who boarded a single enemy organization to help the abducted villagers.

I kick the man of the organization, but it is repelled by a bouncer, and it is trained as a product......

will she come home safely...?
... you are actually the one who holds that fate.
You will train her as a trainer of the organization.

Titty and milking, by training the chest to focus, such as pulling the binta and nipples to the chest, let Xiao Fan succumb.
Shao Fan, a fighter with strong mental power...her fate is up to you.

[Operation Description】
All can be operated with the mouse.

--- Xiao Fan(24 years old)---
A fighter who lives in a small village deep in the mountains
When he was injured and collapsed, he was saved by the people of the village and vowed to live for them.
He was a hardworking, serious, talented, and once said to be an undefeated fighter.

[Illustration・Voice actor】
Illustration: Miki Masami
Xiao Fan Role: Paco Shirakawa


I'm making it in Unity.
Screen size:1280x720



A molestations simulation game where you play as a sexual training master for a certain organization,
and are tasked with a recently captured martial arts girl named Shaofan.

Contains 3 endings depending on your training choices.

Will she die, or will she be corrupted into a sex slave?

Includes smooth animations and titillating voiced reactions. Watch those heaving breasts sway~
Controllable with mouse-only.
Cheats included.


A human-trafficking organization sets its sights on a small village in the mountains.
Martial artist Shaofan tries her best to take on the organization by herself,
and save the villagers, but gets beaten and captured by a bodyguard,
and is set to be sexually trained as a product for sale.

What fate awaits her?
You are her designated sexual trainer, so it's all up to you...


Mainly breast-focused: titjob, tit-slapping, nipple-pulling, milking, etc.


Shaofan (24)
A martial artist who lives in a small village in the mountains.
After being saved by them in her time of need, she swore to live on for their sake.
Earnest, hard-working, and talented.

[Illustration / CV]

Illustration: Chie Masami
CV: Pako Shirakawa


Made in Unity.
Resolution: 1280x720

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