Mari's Sexual Circumstances Game Version poster
Updated 2021-01-31
Developer Umemaro 3D

Mari's Sexual Circumstances Game Version

During the hot summer day, married woman Mari had asked to repair the air conditioner
Ping pong and doorbell rings
The worker who visited was a sweaty young man

Mari is always frustrated with her husband who is on a business trip
Of course, it was a long time ago, such as the husband and wife's night work

A strong body dripping with sweat naturally rises in front of you

Waiting for time while talking with cold tea and sweets
Until the effect of aphrodisiac comes out…

And the lower body of the young man who starts work gets hot

- When the game initial start, there is a possibility to cause the forced termination by the environment, it will be normal to start several times
- When the scene switching and angle selection, there is a thing to kill when the continuous hit
This is the best game I've ever played, and it's the best game I've ever played.
Get started.


On a hot summer afternoon, wife Maria called someone in to repair
her air conditioner, and it turns out to be a hot, sweaty guy.
Sexually frustrated by her husband, who is always on business trips,
she sets to serving this piece of man meat some tea and candy,
and waits for the included aphrodisiac's effect to kick in...
As the man starts to work, he feels it getting a little hot down there...

- At game start-up, the game may force-close depending on your system.
However, this should correct if you open the program a few times.

- The program may close if too many scene or angle changes occur in a short period of time.
It does not impact save data, so please save lots, restart, and hit the continue button

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