MamaShota Kingdom 2 ~Housing Complex Wives vs Rich Wives~ poster
Updated 2021-08-23
Developer dai2hokenshistu

Rip by mikocon

MamaShota Kingdom 2 ~Housing Complex Wives vs Rich Wives~

* While part of a series, only 1 heroine is returning from the previous work, so the game can be enjoyed standalone.

An exploration-based RPG featuring a cheeky shota protagonist!
Use whatever it takes to get the women around you to be your loyal (sex) subjects!
And it's not just mamas you're hunting, but all manner of older lady. And perhaps even lolis!?

In the year 2XXX, suddenly all male lust disappeared.
Humanity is on the brink of extinction now,
and all hope rests on a discovery that could return everyone's lust; mama's taking their sons' virginity!
And so the mamashota society was born...

10 years later.
Protagonist Keita was sexually experienced and well-trained in H techniques long before banging his mom.
He's a devout follower of the legendary sexer TAKUMA. He never misses an update from him.
His dream is to build a harem kingdom to rival the legendary TAKUMA himself!

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