Malicious Reload II poster
Updated 2021-08-04
Developer UNDER HILL
Rip by mikocon


Malicious Reload II

* This is the continuation of "Malicious Reload" (RJ313782)

This time, the story takes place in a certain town where citizens are disappearing one after the other.
"What is going on...?"
Researcher Stella Turner, who'd been gauging the situation from her home, finally moves into action.
She must explore the town, and get to the bottom of the incident...

Stella Turner
Lynette's twin sister.
A university researcher with a strong sense of justice.
She's not the fittest, but she's quite skilled with a gun.

[H Scene Information]
28 CG
26 pixel art animations

[Trial Version Information]
The trial version contains up to the first boss.
No voice included (however, it is included in the full version)
4 CG
4 pixel art animations


Save data from the trial cannot be transferred to the full version.
Bug reports / questions / etc. should be sent via Ci-en.

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