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Updated 2020-11-22
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Maid life

** --Simulation game--

A simulation game about living under the same roof as your loving maid.
She cooks and cleans for you, and goes out with you.
Dress her up as you like, sexually tease her, or even just bring her to bed with you in the afternoon...
The game has some episodes, but no ending.

** --Story--

After losing both your parents in a tragic accident, you ended up finding,
and helping out a maid you found outside your place.
To give her thanks, she decides to become your maid, and do everything she can for you.

** --Hentai--

Use your mouse to tease your maid daily.
Of course, certain conditions can trigger situational ecchi as well!

All clothing choices are reflected in every-day ecchi scenes!
Over 100 dress-up combinations!

** --Character--

Orikasa Kotone

A maid you found one day.
Skilled in housework.
She seems to have known you previously...?

CV: Riia Narimori

** --Etc--

Enjoyable with mouse controls!
1280x720 resolution

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