Magical Girl Celesphonia poster
Updated 2021-03-15
Developer Shimobashira Workshop
Version 1.10

Magical Girl Celesphonia

Amane, through a strange set of circumstances, becomes a transforming heroine
named "Celesphonia", who does battle with non-human enemies.
However, she also keeps ending up in sexual encounters...

This RPG game has a great degree of freedom, and there are no strict day limits.
However, as time passes, the enemy's "Domination" increases,
and if it gets too high, it's game over for you!

45 base CG
~120 H scenes (Including variations, viewable in the Gallery)
- Lots of pose art, cut-ins, etc.
- Dress-up elements included

Defeat rape / gangbang / dungeon traps / ero attacks / daily sexual harassment
/ prostitution / molester / exhibition / humiliation / hypnosis / etc.

Event scenes are 90+% clothed ero!

- Sexual development, sex skills (ero statuses)
As you build up sexual experience, your body gets developed, and you get certain fetishes, etc.

- Erosion Level
As your body gets sullied further and further, or you get defeated,
this level rises, and your body starts to change...and if the level gets too high...!?

- Dress-up
Dress-up Amane is various types of clothing.
At first, some clothing will be too shameful for her to go outside in.
The clothing is reflected in her pose art, and in H scenes.

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