Magia Witch Iori ~awakening~ poster
Updated 2021-05-18
Developer Ankoku Azumaya
Rip by mikocon

Magia Witch Iori ~awakening~

Iori Fujii's real parents were killed when monstrous beasts from another world invaded. Led by the powerful Demon Lord, the creatures wrought havoc across the world. But they didn't count on the strange set of circumstances that would lead to Iori finding a Magia Driver only he can use... Now Iori fights back as a magical girl with the aid of his childhood friend Rio Tennouji. But who is the strange girl named Babylon, able to turn men into monsters?

This episode mostly features sex between Rio and Babylon, but there are scenes featuring Iori as well.
Ouka and the girl that appears at the end have scenes in their own respective works.

25 base CGs (18 HCGs) 19 H scenes
Important characters are fully voiced

Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.
(Only compatible with 64 bit)

*This work requires Visual Studio Plus 2015, 2017, 2019.

Download "x64: vc_redist.x64.exe" under the relevant section.

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