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Updated 2020-06-22
Developer Finish Doll
Rip by s-hentai

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Ludisia the Green-eyed Sword Maiden

A side-scrolling action again 3+ years in the making, with over 1000 pages of hand-drawn animation!
Presenting the story of Ludisia's violation and rape.

This work was created with UNITY.


Long has the war raged between Valdina, the country of justice and order,
and Demolode, a kingdom of despotism and fear.

As the war intensified, agents of Demolode entered Castle Valdina, and captured the royal princess.
Her guardian, the sword maiden Ludisia, was unable to prevent her capture.
However, Ludisia immediately sets out to infiltrate Demolode, and rescue her...


The princess is captive, and must endure 24-hour rape.
She must be saved before her mind is broken...


Ludisia is a beautiful woman herself, so getting captured means she too is a target for violation.
If she is able to resist and escape in time, she can get away with just a little sexual development,
but if she cannot, she'll be killed in the end.

Various parameters show the extent of Ludisia's corruption.


The game includes over 1000 frames of hand-drawn animation
In addition, full-screen animations and ecchi voices are present.


Enjoy tons of high-quality illustrations and variations, and view them in the Gallery!


* Ludisia
The sword maiden tasked with protecting the royal family.
Has a strong sense of duty and love towards her country, and is willing to die for it.

With her beautiful looks, she has drawn the eye of countless men.
However, as the strongest warrior in the country, no one has dared lay a hand on her.
Has no sexual experience, and is saving herself for marriage.
Upon learning of the princess' capture, her green eyes blazed red like fire.

* The Princess of Valdina
A prideful royal princess with secret magical power, but no fighting ability.
Trusts her guardian Ludisia completely.
With every minute Ludisia spends, the princess is mercilessly raped,
and subjected to a sexual hell.

* Demolode Queen Demotisha
The sadistic queen of Demolode.
Skilled in both magic and combat, her scheming abilities have greatly shaped
the kingdom of Demolode to her perverted whims.
Through her capture and violation of the princess, she is planning something...

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