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Updated 2021-06-19
Developer NT:Ripper

Lovey Cuckoldry Play with an Understanding Wife

◆ Story
The hero witnessed the loss of virginity of a girl he liked during his student days, and he is shocked enough to leave a wound in his heart.
However, since then, I remember a strange excitement, and I finally wake up to the propensity of NTR.
The protagonist, who has a geek hobby, will touch the creation of NTR system earnestly, and the propensity is going to get worse and worse.
And a few years later, she reunites with Aika Harumoto, a girl she liked at the time.
The couple started dating, and after a while they got married, and a happy couple started living together.
After a few years of marriage.
The main character was living a good-natured couple life with his beloved wife Aika, but the black desire that had sprouted in him was on the one hand expanding more and more.
"I want to be cuckold even though I do not want to be cuckold』
Confronted with such contradictory and difficult proclivities, it was a hero who suffers――
At one point, the protagonist finally confides all his propensity to Aika..................。

◆ Contents
Text volume approximately 250KB
Basic CG number of 23 sheets
H Event 22 Scene
2 types of endings
BGV available

◆ H scene situation(some)
- Love sex while listening to the story of the time in the bed of the same room of the love hotel where the heroine lost her virginity.
- While sniffing the remaining incense that was cheating of the heroine, I get to report and handjob cuckold.
- While watching the video of the heroine to serve the man, you have to blow in the same way.
- Send the heroine and the man to the love hotel, while waiting in the parking lot, gonzo is sent one after another.
- While I have to report let me Netora, I get treated to the heroine in Onaho that was presented to the man.
- Blow the netora in the wedding dress of memories.
- The heroine tries to instill in the protagonist the propensity that is instilled in the man.

- Message skip equipped
- Recollection mode yes

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